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Mordor Complex

      Langworthy A.P., Black L.P. 1978. The Mordor Complex: a highly differentiated potassic intrusion with kimberlitic affnities in Central Australia // Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology. 67: 51–62.

      "Mordor Pound lies 70 km north-east of Alice Springs, in Australia's Northern Territory."


      Общий вид приводится по: Geosciense Australia. Mordor Pound: the geology of Lord Sauron's 'Australian home' [Electronic resource], имевшийся url устарел.

      Карта приводится по: Barnes J.S., Anderson J.A.C., Smith T.R., Bagas L. 2008. The Mordor Alkaline Igneous Complex, Central Australia: PGE-enriched disseminated sulfide layers in cumulates from a lamprophyric magma // Mineralium Deposita. 43: 641–662.

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