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'Hobbit' galaxies

      Первоисточник не выявлен. Приводится по:

      Michael Anissimov. 2014. What is a Hobbit Galaxy? // wiseGEEK [Electronic resource]. http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-hobbit-galaxy.htm

      "The term "hobbit galaxy" has been used recently to refer to galaxies even smaller than dwarf galaxies, which contain a few million stars. Hobbit galaxies only contain a few hundred thousand stars, similar to a large star cluster within a galaxy. By comparison, our own Milky Way contains 200-400 billion stars, more stars than there are galaxies in the universe." (op. cit.)

      См. так же:

      Ker Than. 2007. New 'hobbit' galaxies discovered around Milky Way // Space.com [Electronic resource]. http://www.space.com/3351-hobbit-galaxies-discovered-milky.html

      Картинка из того же источника.


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